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PostSubject: Clan Info   Clan Info EmptySun Aug 01, 2010 4:50 am

Clans are a great idea to start a little roleplaying action in this forum and that is exactly what this forum needs; some roleplaying and some adventerous fun. Here is the information which will help you to choose the right clan.

Aquatopa is the clan of the water people called Aquatopians. They are said to contain a great beast who shaped landforms amongst the ocean, and they have strong beliefs for this beast who is the center-point of their view of life.

They are a strong tribe with the ability to manipulate water to duel with one another and to fend off animals who the great beast dislikes. They are learnt from the Great Ancient Aquatopian Library, on an ancient plaque found on the ocean floor. It is said to be originated from the scales the beast dropped behind him on his quest.

Like the Aquatopians, the Technigrindah also have a great god who was said to provide them their industrious power and their weaponry. They are a civilized people who rely on the use of futuristic technology. As weaponry they use disruptors which would turn others inside-out and shortly suffocate them.

All their households hover above the clouds in hopes as good defense because the clouds drift them from place to place very slowly, thus Technigrindah being nicknamed "The Mirage City".

Florantia are an ancient clan which are burrowed through deep vines and leaves in a mystical forest that is impossible to get to as a normal human being. It was once attempted by Professor V. Fostil and he returned to home as a rotten carcase. His body was encased in a crypt tomb marked with ancient poetry and lettering. From what humans have depicted, the message reads "li fe esas neit verta liv in". People theorised that it may actually say "Life is not worth living".

Florantia is also home to a great vine plant, who is at the main center of the forest, the Florantians come to the Great Vine God to seek praise and help.

Have you decided? Great! Now go to the Request Entry to Clans thread and request yours.
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Clan Info
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